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Occasional Superhero, Rising From the Embers [userpic]
by Occasional Superhero, Rising From the Embers (stormcat)
at November 23rd, 2009 (07:55 pm)

Weekends at the VA Renfaire, all staying at... was it her parents' place?

Strawberry daiquiris, the "lesbian orgy in the kitchen"...

She caught the bouquet when I married the most recent ex-husband.  I think it went right to her, even. 

She gave me the heads-up that someone was actively trying to recruit people to harass me, which I appreciated greatly.

*heh*  She's the reason I'm Atlanta-Cat or C@t -- because everyone would get confused with the names.  She's Catharsis, I'm Catalyst. 

Miss her.  I saw someone who looked a lot like her just a couple of days ago, and I did a double-take and started to say something, shocked and happy... then realized no.